Welcome to your Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing

In this comprehensive online course and coaching program, Dr. Lindsey Duguet and Lauren ZiminskyĀ provide aĀ step-by-step guide to real estate investing. Whether you are new to real estate or are looking for tools to scale your real estate portfolio,Ā our program will help you remove mental roadblocks and build a successful portfolio that produces passive income for years to come.


Online Course & Coaching Options

Online Course Package

Self-directed online course includes 6 ModulesĀ that will transform you into a savvy real estate investor. It contains a blueprint for investing in real estate and maximizing your tax benefits.

6 Complete Modules

Active vs. Passive investing, tax strategies, mindset for success, creating generational wealth, financial freedom and the exact steps to get there!

Private Facebook Group

Paperback Real Estate Investing Unlocked Book


8-Week Guided Study

Periodically Dr. Lindsey Duguet & Lauren Ziminsky hold an 8-week guided study program. During this 8-week program, one Module from their Online Course is discussedĀ each week in a virtual small group Zoom setting to review the Module's course content and answer any questions live. Space is limited to 10 students per study group to ensure students can have questions answered and receive personalized attention.


Meet YourĀ Mentors

Dr. Lindsey Duguet and Lauren Ziminsky own a combined nearly 1,000 rental units including single family, apartments and hospitality.


Learn how to diversify your portfolio into real estate.

If you don't have real estate in your investment portfolio, you are not diversified (and we don't mean publicly-traded REITs). Real estateĀ offers returns from multiple sources including cash flow, appreciation, tax advantages and velocity of capital. Topics of our Online Course and Coaching Program include:

  • Active vs. Passive Investing
  • Tax Strategies
  • Mindset for Sucess
  • Creating Generational Wealth & Financial Freedom through Passive Income

Now is the Time

The best time to buy real estate was 20 years ago, the next best time is right now. Investing in real estate requires more education than buying a publicly traded stock, but theĀ benefits of real estate investing are not comparable to any other asset class. Now is the time to diversify your portfolio into real estate, and we are here to give you the tools to do it successfully.


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