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Meet Dr. Lindsey Duguet and Lauren Ziminsky, creators of the Mindshift to Millions online course and coaching program. This program is designed to turn you into a savvy real estate investor with a portfolio of assets that pay you passive income for years to come. Want to be mentored by extremely knowledgable and passionate real estate investors? You've come to the right place.

Lauren Ziminsky

Lauren Ziminsky is an entrepreneur, author and real estate investor. Her real estate portfolio spans over 400 units including single-family and multifamily properties as well as general partner and limited partner positions in numerous real estate syndications. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles, is passionate about financial education and loves helping people to invest in real estate and understand the enormous tax advantages of this legacy-altering asset class. Catch her educating on social media @laurenziminsky. She is a coach and mentor for Mindshift to Millions and co-author of the book Real Estate Investing Unlocked. She lives happily with her husband and two daughters in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Lindsey Duguet

Dr. Lindsey Duguet is a practicing Emergency Medicine Physician and Geisinger Health System's Northeast Regional Emergency Medicine Medical Director. She received her bachelor's degree in Neuroscience Psychology and Biology from Penn State University and her medical degree from The Philadelphia College Osteopathic Medicine. She began investing in real estate with her husband in 2019 and has scaled from 0 to over 540 units all of which she actively participates in as a general partner. She, along with her husband, co-own CloverKey Capital real estate investments. She has raised over $4 million for various acquisitions and is very passionate about teaching others the power of real estate investing and growing their wealth through this tangible asset class. As a coach and mentor for Mindshift to Millions, she focuses on helping other professionals learn about the various strategies and benefits of real estate investing. She has achieved financial freedom through real estate, hard work, and determination to succeed. Lindsey has two sons and a daughter with her husband and resides in Pennsylvania. Aside from medicine and real estate, she is a Believer in God, an artist, and Peloton addict.

Published Books

Dr. Lindsey and Lauren co-authored two books now available on Amazon. These books featured stories of women and men at various stages of their real estate investing journey giving you insight into how they got started and why they chose their strategy. Available on Amazon.com on Kindle, paperback and hardcover!

Real Estate Investing Unlocked:
Real Stories from Women on their Path to Passive Income & Financial Freedom


Real Estate Investing Unlocked:
Real Stories from Men on their Path to Passive Income & Financial Freedom


Real Estate Portfolio

Dr. Lindsey and Lauren's real estate portfolio includes nearly 1,000 units across the United States including single family, multifamily, industrial, retail and hospitality. Their portfolio includes:

Kansas City Portfolio: 212 units

Value-add portfolio spread over 4 properties all within several miles of each other. 

South Carolina: 110 units

This was a low incoming housing tax credit property bought as it was being phased out. Value-add upgrades completed to the units and rented at market values.

Springfield, MO: 72 units

This brand new 2023 build purchased with value-add strategy by increasing rents to market value. Now fully rented with refinance planned in 2024. 

Springfield, MO: 40 units

40 unit A class building was purchased with value-add by increasing rents to market value. Now fully rented with refi planned in 2024.

Athens, GA: 87 units + Retail

Located one mile from University of Georgia, this Class A new build was purchased 100% occupied and features 1 and 2 bedroom apartments plus retail space. Rents at the time of acquisition were significantly under market.

Lawrence, KS: 62 units

Located near the University of Kansas, this property was acquired as a value-add opportunity with rent increase capacity. It currently distributes monthly to investors.

Milledgeville, GA: 126 beds

Class A property located blocks from Georgia College and downtown Milledgeville. Assumed a low interest rate loan at the time of acquisition, this property consistently distributes quarterly to investors.

Lincoln, NE: 36 units

Acquired with a value-add strategy, this property is now 100% occupied having undergone renovation in 30 of the 36 units plus exterior renovations.

Indianapolis, IN: 8 units

8 units in a historical quarter of Indianapolis purchase May 2022. Value-add portfolio after 6 months of renovation. 

Plains, PA: 8 units

Purchased March 2024. Found as a direct to seller off market deal. Significant value-add component with plan for refinance in 2025. 

Kansas City, KS: 36 units

Purchased with a value add strategy, property is currently under renovation of interior and exterior with the plan to refinance once the property is stabalized.

Scranton, PA: 17 units

Purchased November 2023 directly in front of Geisinger Commonwealth School of medicine, this prime location medical student housing asset cash flows from day 1. Currently being renovated to increase net operating income.